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G.I. JOE Day 2019

February 1st is G.I. Joe Day. All over the U.S. everyone is celebrating and we have a wall dedicated to Joe where you will find many different action figures. Drop in and check us out

"In February of 1964, toy maker Hassenfeld Brothers (later shortened to Hasbro) introduced its first doll specifically intended for boys at the American International Toy Show in New York. The company hoped to duplicate the success of Mattel’s Barbie, which had been introduced in 1959 and sold a record 351,000 units in its first year. But there was a problem. Parents wouldn’t buy dolls for their sons. Playing with dolls was considered a girl’s activity and boys generally wanted nothing to do with that. In a brilliant bit of marketing, the toy maker solved this issue by coining the term “action figure,” which has been used for countless toys since. It further masculinized the toy by making it a military man, G.I. (Government Issue) Joe. The name came from a 1945 American war film called The Story of G.I. Joe. They also placed a scar across his right cheek. Not only did it denote manly ruggedness, combat and valor, but also enabled them to copyright the toy. " Help us celebrate with G I Joe posts


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